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Northwest Territories



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About Northwest Territories


The population of N.W.T. is 42,500 not much for that big piece of land.

The capital is Yellowknife. (population 16,541 in 2001)

The principal cities in the Northwest Territories  Hay River (3,510), and Fort Smith (2,185), all of which are located around Great Slave Lake.
The major towns are Inuvik (2,894), Rae (1,552), Fort Simpson (1,163), and Tuktoyaktuk (930).
Most remaining settlements are small and populated mainly by indigenous people.

A large portion to the Northwest Territories population continues to rely on the Aboriginal peoples' traditional subsistence activities; fishing, hunting and trapping. Fur harvesting continues to be very important.

Other activities such as sports fishing and big-game hunting play a small role. Recently, with the advent of adventure tourism, a new tourism service industry has become increasingly important.

In the year 2001 a total of  over 5,700 people moved into the Northwest Territories, while 8,900 moved out.